Hydrangeas in Northern 🇵🇹 Portugal

I found these Hydrangeas in a city park in Figueira de Foz. Northern 🇵🇹 Portugal does not feel sub-tropical, but these are such beautiful plants. I wish they were blooming. My Hydrangeas were blooming in Florida when I left home.

I want to remember how each of these plants are planted. Did you notice the trench around each? I won’t try that in my gardens until after they stop blooming this year but in the dry heat of the summer I think they would like a holding trench for water.

Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine.

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    Paula Walborsky said,

    I can see some just emerging flower heads. It looks like they are conserving water by only watering into those trenches. I wonder if they will add to those beds later in the season. Looks like they have plenty of room. In a simpler time when I was not afraid of our NSA etc., I often came home with clippings of plants I saw and thought I could grow here. I am having so much fun vicariously through you, Sus. Bests, P

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