Happy Birthday Adelle

This is birthday week for my 10 year old granddaughter who lives in California. I’m not sure if they arrive in tact but then it’s a puzzle, right?

Their age is always included and 10 years old is important age.

I tried a new Ann Clark recipe for the icing this time. This recipe is made to be dripped. I hope Adelle and family likes them. I love you, Adelle.

Happy Birthday!

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Family Retreat 2021

Is it possible the Family Retreat is over? Did it really happen or am I dreaming? Well it really happened that is for sure, I have evidence to prove it.

The family came from California and Portugal from July 22-August 9. Everyone wasn’t here for the entire time, but space was limited for the entire time.

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Handmade Memories

❤ My little brother, Monte made this Nativity Scene in the ’60s. Some how I ended up with it and its been on display every Christmas for a long time in my home. It’s sweet, huh? So simple, he did the creating, sewing, hand stitching and the base design which are detergent bottles. ❤. This little handmade treasure brings so many meaningful memories to me, it’s priceless. ❤

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Mid-Century Carolers

I usually have a difficulty time getting into the Christmas spirit. It takes me almost up to Christmas Day, then I sit out these sweet little carolers that my Aunt Clarise gave me and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ❤

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Croquet Attire Do’s and Don’ts.

Here we have Robin in her Croquet attire. I learn one should wear white, with 10% for a touch of color expression.

My attire did not make the cut, off white does not count. I will work on the look!

They let me proceed in the lesson. Thank God! I have to say, our game was very good for our first lesson. Terry our Instructor was pretty impressed.

Let’s bring Croquet back. It’s a calm and simple game. I learned to take a minute, back up and aim. To relax, a flick of the wrist is not relaxing. To relax my shoulders and legs is important too. Good stuff Chap!

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Croquet Anyone?

I’m in Highlands, NC this week with my friend Robin. 6-7 hours away from Tallahassee and 10° cooler. How refreshing. We took our first Croquet lesson and played alittle. I liked it, it’s all in the gentleness of the swing.

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North Carolina Welcomes

There’s nothing like a road trip to motivate me to blog a bit, not a fancy blog only sweet memories. It is 2020, August 27, I escaped the heat and humidity of Florida to Highlands, North Carolina. My friend, Robin invited me up to her mountain house this week.

It didn’t take me long to feel refreshed. The cooler air, the mountain view, walks, the Dahlias, sunsets, the visits to garden centers who can ask for more? It is just what I needed, a change of scenery to enlighten my soul.

Back porch living.
Pinnacle Hydrangeas
Feeling the mountains is a good feeling.

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Reflections 2020

My Christmas trees in the front picture window had to come down before March. (High standards of mine). One tall tree resisted the storage bag and the closet so she remains across the room. I miss the warm glow, the reflection from the inside and out.

Speaking of reflections, it seems I can’t get enough of them. You know the ones from the head and the heart. I’ve been told I over-think everything and that’s probably true. It might be the new year, the winter months, getting older, my past, my future, change just reflecting on everything.

Speaking of reflections again, here’s the replacement for the front window. It doesn’t have the impact the trees had, but it does express some warmth, reflection and an old lamp.

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Garden Club Presentation

On Wednesday evening, Diane Roorda and I were invited to present on Camillas at the Jasmine Garden Club. Diane is extremely knowledgable, grows many, gibbs, graphs, names, waxes, judges shows, etc. Her display of samples from her collection are behind her. She was the “what” in the presentation with so much lively information. She is a Superstar in many areas.

I grow Camilla trees, most well established heritage trees, 80+ years old with no names, just hundreds of blooms. Not as showy but spectacular in their own right. Mine are displayed in the SE corner of this picture. I was the “how” of the presentation. I love the process, thinking ahead about the beginning, the middle, the end of the presentation. The design/plan of what we wanted the audience to leave with learning about us and our relationship with Camillas. Mission accomplished. It was a colorful team experience.

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New Photo Gizmo

Jamie gave me this device for Christmas, then notified the family the process. They have been sharing their pictures directly to the tech frame by email. Very cool. There’s a couple of the moving objects.

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