An Everyday Blessing

Everyday blessings come my way and I want to pay closer attention to them.  This picture reflects many blessings.

First my life, I’m living and breathing, no A-Fib since June 2019 thanks to God, modern technology, wise doctors and techs.  The blessings of a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercise. 

This is Alana, my Device Tech.  She just gave me an A+ report and told me to keep swimming.  🏊‍♀️.

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Christmas Glow

I do love the glow of Christmas. My little cottage lights up like a Dept. 56 Snow Village house on the outside and inside.

I get in the house, I’m laying on the sofa looking at these sparkling trees that light up the living room. A happy sight, right? Not always. I go in and out with Christmas. Even the moments I’m out, I’m in and even the moments I’m in, I’m out. So I take another picture because these trees are so cute and I love the glow. ♡

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Good Morning at the Knob

I’m visiting Lanny, Mica and Charlie this weekend. It’s that special time in the morning when all is well. Everyone has their cup of coffee, the house is quiet, once in awhile I hear a soft voice from my family, but I get to wake up with little effort. It is my favorite time of the day.

What makes this morning even more special is I’m at Lanny and Mica’s lodge in Bowling Green, KY. It’s a chilly morning, 32 degrees and we will headed out shortly for a walk up into the hills, over the ridge on this beautiful land at The Knob.

Charlie is ready to go. He’s the best dog ever. He doesn’t need coffee, he woke up ready and he’s communicating that message to Mica. A sweet morning just got sweeter to be here and to feel the blessings of it.

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Lake Placid Ironman

Swim 2.4 miles

Bike 112 miles

Run 26.2 miles

One arrives early in prep for the actual race. Taking bike rides over the course, taking a car trip over the entire bike ride, swimming parts of the swim course, attending debrief meetings, having bike tuned-up, getting a feel for the land, fueling the body, organizing your gear and nutrients are some events I’ve watched Jamie execute.

Here are a couple of favorite pics for today.

Swim practice and car trip over the mountainous bike course. It will be hot on race day, she’s prepared. The bike course is approximately 60 miles…then doing it again.

Having a photo opt, her name is among the 2800 of participants,

Jamie is focused. She very courageous. I’m thankful I get to be here. ♡

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Lake Placid, NY Bound

This Sunday is the Lake Placid Ironman. My daughter Jamie is competing. She’s amazing and I’m inspired by her. We flew to Albany, NY then traveled north on I-87 and US -9north. Here’s one of my back seat photos. What a beautiful day.

I have other back seat photos I want to send along. I also have a new phone that I’m trying to figure out how to attach photos. Please bear with me.

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GO GO GO College Glen Swim Team

Today was the final home swim meet for this season. Here the team meets for a pre-game pep talk and Team cheer.

Coach Denise has her strategy ready.

Let the games begin. Each competitor brings their own game which results collectively in the championship. It’s exciting to watch. They are fierce in their IMs, team relays, individual competitions, I’m impressed and inspired.

Great friendships have formed and lots of memories. ❤

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Fresh California Fruit

Fresh peaches are on their tree in the back yard in Sacramento. These peaches are not quite ripe but maybe in another week, please hurry I leave in a week.

These fresh nectarines were picked yesterday from Mike’s yard. Mike is Peter and Denise’s next door neighbor. These nectarines are so beautiful and delicious.

Now imagine a picture of fresh plums picked from their back yard tree. Only four left on the tree this morning. They are so juicy and good.

Lots of fresh fruit and free.

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Home Movies & Popcorn

What’s a family visit without a few family photos and memories. 2006 on Lake Travis with Monte and Sheila, my kids and I met in Austin for the 4th of July.

Above pic is Monte on the Catboat he built and finished in 2004. Below the dingy he built earlier, let’s all go sailing in these beautiful handmade boats, floating and playing in the cool water.

The Porter Belle was the first sail boat Monte built. Once launched in 2000 the sailing life began for Monte, Sheila, Jamie, Peter, Denise, Laura and me. ❤ Family history. ❤

Uncle Monte and Laura sailing the dingy.

Peter’s turn.

Denise and Peter being pulled by the Catboat. Let the fun begin.

Laura sailing the dingy and pulling Momma on the inflated jet ski.

Jamie’s smile says it all. Thank you Sheila and Monte. We love you.

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Sail On Sister

Even though I only get to sail occasionally I really see and feel how one can connect. I have my favorite captains, Monte and Sheila coaching me.

They use my language for understanding then they would patiently throw in theirs which helped me learn. Yesterday was perfect, I even had moments that I relaxed in the wind and in the movement of the boat. I was pleased with my strength to move that big boat in the wind and follow their commands. I was focused. I felt strong and powerful. OK I’m getting alittle carried away.

The Nirvana is a beautiful boat they’ve own for 7 years. Lake Travis is their lake in Austin, TX. Monte and Sheila are amazing and I’m proud of this family of mine.

Turn in tomorrow. I’ll show boats Monte has built.

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Spring again

Seems this sight never changes year after year, it’s where I eat my breakfast and drink my coffee. My breakfast and the view remains the same. I wish you could hear these joyful birds, they are always here too.

I sit on this little love seat at the foot of my back door. I recall how I’ve taken this same picture many times during many seasons.

What seems like the same is still different. Everything is different, I know I’m different, I’ve changed with the seasons.

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