New Potting Table

Yesterday, out of the blue Dan shows up with a new potting table he built for me. It is so beautiful. My other one was so used and rotten, Dan noticed and surprised me. I was surprised!

This is his mom, Diane. This is not the first time their acts of kindness have demonstrated acts of kindness. I’m thankful.

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Corn Maze Adventure

This one was at Dixon, CA. A 40 acre experience.

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New Adventure

Yes it is, it is not that exciting, but it is an adventure for me. YOU ARE HERE (as the map in a shopping mall would say). My living room, the front picture window, my sofa, my feet. I’m here resting, taking the RICE approach and loving the only left knee I have. 💟

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Crepe Making

Frankie is getting his Strawberry (basic) Crepe ready to eat. Everyone loves them. Recipe we used?

In a blender, 4 eggs, 1 1/2 cups milk, 3 T soft butter, 1 cup flour, 1/2 t salt. That’s it. Small hot skillet and sprinkle powdered sugar.

Life is good. 😄

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4th of July Cutie!

Adelle was voted (by me):

“July 4th Cutie”

Love, Oma

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Fundraiser Swim

Last Sunday at the College Greens Pool in Sacramento, the grand kids were involved in a fundraiser for their Swim Team. Each had a goal of laps to swim in 30 minutes. Their goals were 15 laps, 30 laps, 60 laps.

This is a swim team thing, right? A kids thing you know? I decided i was going to swim in the 14+ divison. Coach Denise decided to join me.

My goal? To swim freestyle for 30 minutes!! To just keep swimming!

I did it! Yay!

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“Lane 5 – Frankie Fortune”

Meet Frankie Fortune, age 9 swimming against other boys in the 9-10 age division. He serious. He does not want me (his Oma) to take his pictune.

Frankie competed Saturday in a Swim Meet with another local swim team. Freestyle and breaststroke are his favorites, but in the IM relay he does them all.

Swimmers take your mark. GO.”

He goes and sails through the water.

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Meet Adelle

This is Adelle. She looks at her watch and says, “I can’t talk now Oma, I’ve got to get ready for swim practice its almost 10:30.” There you have it. Adelle is a serious backstroker and free style swimmer. She can nearly swim the length of the pool without taking a breath. She’s amazing.

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I arrived in Sacramento yesterday. PJ is the oldest. We attended his miner league baseball banquet last night. This was a fun night at the pool with the team and their families. The championship game and official awards were behind them, tonight was about how the coaches viewed the person.

They shared about PJs character, his humble spirit, his great attitude and willingness to take on any role they ask him to do, but they had to slip in their appreciation for how he could hit that ball and all his home runs and grand slams this season!

I just got here and already I’m feeling so many feelings, so many moments.

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Lisbon – Atlanta

Arrived at Lisbon’s airport to be greeted by cheerleaders, cameras, special hosts and degintaries from Delta Airlines. We were boarding a new direct flight connecting Lisbon to Atlanta. Hurrah!

Let’s not forget we were served 🍾 champagne and cake 🎉🍰🎉. We were welcomed as honored guests. Smile!

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