Lisbon – It’s a Sunday

We are up early this morning. Jamie always makes coffee, Laura is here to pick us up and she has a plan.

Museums are free the first Sunday of the month we head to the Nacional Pantheon across the street. A quick tour then up a million steps (just kidding about the million part) to the top.

Beautiful, huh? We are going to walk along the waterfront and end up at an Apple Store. Laura’s on a mission. Lots of people are out. Laura is in the lead, Jamie’s next, I’m last.

There were some major inclines on this walk, no pictures just trust me. Then we’ll head back, Laura needs to set up her table for her last day at the Market. Jamie and I will take an Uber to the Museu Nacional do Azulejo. Love the tiles, love the history of the tiles. Guess what? We are taking an Urber back to meet Laura.

It was a great day. Jamie and Laura will go out with friends for dinner. I’m going to my room. Another big day tomorrow!! 💟

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Lisbon of course

I’m the one following Jamie and Laura. I’m always in the rear but surprisingly I do it. It is amazing. I stop at the bottom to look up….

then stop at the top to look down. I’m pretty sure that day Laura wanted to show Jamie some views so you have to go up for that. There is always a view!!

On the walk we will stop by to see Laura’s studio. This is the outside, the front door and sometimes they work out here if they need to. Very creative people work here. Laura found these women last year and they found Laura. That’s how the story began. Sometimes things just happen like that. It’s an amazing story that’s still evolving.

I’m going to end with this picture below. Isn’t this a lovely plant and flower sculpture? I think this day we stopped at a tile studio too. Let’s just say Jamie and I walked away with a bag each.

You know how when you go on a trip there is so much you want to remember? So much. I’m hanging on tight as I journal my memories. Thanks for joining me.

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Lisbon-Jamie really arrives.

Jamie really arrives and brings Christmas in May to Laura. Fun to watch. There’s no Amazon in Portugal and shopping is difficult so to have a suitcase of needs was a wonderful treat.

Jamie had rented an Air b&b for us so we moved in. We are now just up the street and up to the 4th floor. The views are awesome. Laura’s sweet little apartment can’t hold three so now we are neighbors. These pictures are taken out our windows.

We are moved in now and off on a walk to see more of Alfama, coffee and dinner in that order.

Pravda do Comercio. This waterside Plaza is just a public plaza (the water is behind me). Just curious I googled The Plaza and the only amenities listed was “good for kids”. 🇵🇹 Portugal values their children. Isn’t that interesting?

OK while I’m on this subject, at one restaurant we went to, on the menu there was this NOTE: We welcome children, they are not a nuisance to us. Laura affirmed. Isn’t that great, a country that values, loves and welcomes their children. Sorry I got side tracked.

I wish I had recorded all the different foods/fish, new experiences trying different foods. I do know we stopped for coffee with a pasteis de nata everyday and most often twice a day. AND we climbed up and down hills, did I mention that?

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Market Days

Laura will set up her Laura Fortune designs at a young Art Market in Alfama. Her all-handmade medal & enamel creations are always a conversation starter and so beautifully made. She will spend most of the day there with her artist friends but first we will have breakfast with her friends Jim & Nikki from NYC.

Nikki is styling a pair of Laura’s earrings! Sweet.

Jim and Nikki wanted to see her studio. Her work is pretty amazing!

I went back to the apartment for a bit, did some laundry and hung it out the window to dry. That’s how we do it here in 🇵🇹 Portugal. Fresh.

Then off to visit the Museum Nacional de Azulejo. We would call it the Tile Museum. Such an incredible historical museum. I have several pictures of tiled buildings some were even 3-D. I loved them and wow the lasting colors, here’s one after how many years!

Cab there walked back to the Market, I’m tired. Here’s one regret that I have. I let my lack of energy cheat me from going out to get dinner and trying more new foods. What was I thinking? I know there is never a bad meal in Portugal. 🐙🐟🐡

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Back in Lisbon

We are back. Laura is off to the dentist and her studio. I’m exhausted. I pretend I’m not but I am. I’m even grumpy!! I’ll go out later in the afternoon to explore, but most of the day I journaled, I’ll do some laundry and then ventured out on my own.

I end up on a shaded bench in an area called Graca, that’s where I sat. I did try to sketch the tile building above. I tried. It was shady, I drank a ton of water and missed Laura. Isn’t that crazy how that goes? I’ve been with her a over a week and now I missed her.

Laura had decided to sell some of her things at a 3-day young Artist Market with her friend Sonia. I’m happy for her, really. She called me and wondered where I was, I told her about the bench. Laura suggested I go home and get out of the sun. I did. Here’s a part of my walk home.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t take myself out for dinner. My attitude caused me to miss some sardines. Yummy!

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Lisbon – Jamie arrives

We are back in Lisbon and Jamie arrives. Yay! Not only does she arrive she brings a suitcase full of Laura’s requested art supplies, some wants and needs. Laura said it felt like Christmas.

We give Jamie a couple hours,

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Northern Portugal – Amarante

We had packed up, stopped for coffee, a chocolate croissant and surprise confectionary. We are on our way. This will be our last stop before heading back to Lisbon this evening.

We arrive in Amarante and drove over this medieval bridge. The walkers and the cars share the bridge yet it all seems safe. Our first stop is to visit this cathedral, the Igrejade de Sao Goncalo.

This cathedral is the location of San Gonzalo who lived and was claimed as a holy matchmaker, he blessed relationships and even fertility. We had read about Amarante and wanted to experience this so we did. Keep reading it gets better.

After this memorable experience of touring the catheral, the blessings, climbing the steps to what was once a convent, we decide to buy a magnet of San Gonzalo as a lasting memory.

We went to have lunch.

Next we need to pick which pastry shop for our usual. Today because we are in Amarante and they feature special confectioneries in Amarante. We ask ourselves should we? Then answered yes we should. We picked a spot and went in.

You can’t make this stuff up!!

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