Cottage in the Garden Sale after dark

The  “Cottage in the Garden” Sale is over and I feel so awesome about the success of the 2 days.  I had between 55-65 people who came to my Outdoor Room, sales were good, I didn’t sell everything, but it was an incredible beginning and my consignees are pleased.  What a pleasure to meet so many nice people.  That was such a part of the success. 

I can’t resist this picture taken last night after “store hours“.  How beautiful is this?  It is those lamps.  My lamps didn’t sell like I expected, but I had them plugged in and turned on all day and even into the evening last night.  Am I the only one who feels this way about the glow of a lamp?

I think lamps make a room come alive, inside and outside.  Lamps bring such an ambiance to any room, even in my Outdoor Room transformed into a Cottage in the Garden Showroom, but now everything is put away until the next Cottage in the Garden Sale. 

It is after dark again, where is the light switch?

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    Joan Fryer said,

    Hi Susanne..) Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you Saturday and the Cottage in the Garden sale was great. I truly enjoyed your garden and thoughts. Hope to see you at another one of your sales.

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      Good morning Joan. Thank you for your comment. Wow, I have to say I loved the Cottage in the Garden Sale too. I had the most incredible people come through the “store” and the gardens. It was awesome for me to watch people enjoy what I enjoy so much. Of course the gardens reflect alot of hard work but it tells alot about my life. I loved our conversation we had on Saturday and the some common ground. That day for me was way more than a sale, but about new relationships and friends. Have a great afternoon and thanks again for staying in touch. I will keep you “posted” on next month’s sale.

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