Shoe size? Size 12…please.

We have a shoe store in Tallahassee called The Shoe Box.  This store is family owned and operated.   I like that.   I shop there, sometimes I walk out with a part of shoes and sometimes I don’t.  The store’s slogan is “we fit the hard to fit”.  That would be me, I wear size 12 shoe.  Finding the shoes I want puts me in the category of hard to fit.

No one in my family has small feet, how firm a foundation you might say.    We were blessed with a firm foundation.   Today I found a pair of sandals.  I settled actually, they were not the ones I wanted, they are the ones I needed.   I needed a pair of sandals.

I parked my car in front of this sign on their building.  I bet I could have easily found a shoe box to fit me as the sign infers.

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