Mossy Cottage Path

Because our afternoon rains have finally started, the moss grows like crazy in certain areas of my yard, even on my aged drive-way.  This is a picture of the drive-way which I use as a path to the back yard.  The moss is incredibility beautiful and lush now.  Moss is a small, soft plant and the typical variety is 1–10 cm tall.  Not that I have measured but mine has to be the 1 cm variety.  It is close and tight.  The moss runs down several path ways and even covers a large area in the back part of the yard.  It is gorgeous there too.   I guess the damp and shady environment of my cottage property provides home to this small beauty of a plant.  I wish you could see it.

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    Cheryl said,

    Susanne, this is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see it. It has changed since I was last there.

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