Cross Plains, Indiana

There is something about going back to the place one grew up and how things look so little but seemed so big at the time.  I grew up in Cross Plains, Indiana.  This is the home my dad built for our family in the ’40’s.   The little house has a couple of add-ons now, but the original structure was the session to the left.  As a kid, it seemed so big.  As an adult, the house and property looked so little.

Earlier this month Sheila, Monte and I drove by while in the area attending the Copeland Family Reunion.  There’s nothing like a walk/drive down memory lane.   The memories are big for me living in Cross Plains, Indiana, like the garden, the sandbox,  the little Cub tractor and learning to drive on it, the grove we called it, the basement, kitchen table, the stairs and closet under the stairs, my bedroom, the outhouse, then the bathroom with two doors, going to Lamb’s Store, to 4-H, church, the smell of Sunday dinner or meals with the Reed’s or family/friends, Cheryl.

It was big then, now looks little.  I was little then and now I am big.

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