Gifts from the “Peeps”

Yesterday I interviewed Cheryl Moore on Susanne’s Garden Moments Radio Show.  The show featured Cheryl’s newest backyard adventure in raising 6 “peeps”.  Spending time here has given me  extra benefits in learning more and enjoying egg freshness.  These are just some of the green, blue and brown eggs these beautiful  young “peeps” have given us over the last couple of days.   Previously I would never describe chickens as beautiful, but these are.  Their coat and feathers are fluffy and they shine.  They each have a cute little personalities that made them unique.  Their sweet little voices are present but not as all intrusive.  Finally, I have realized it must be really hard to lay an egg.  Actually I think it is painful, but they do it.  There is a distinct voice they have when they are getting ready to lay an egg.  They build up to that moment, then after they lay the egg there is another kind of voice.  It is a celebratory announcement.

I see why Cheryl loves them so.  I understand now why she calls them “peeps” and not chicken.  I think it is their beauty that makes them “peeps”.

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    These are incredible eggs!

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