One Alaska Moment

I have been back from Alaska nearly a week.  I jumped back into life as I know it here.  In reflection it is always a pure delight to experience someone else’s life and environment.  It was a souvenir the Wilson’s gave me to visit Alaska last week.  The opportunity to be a part of their family, to see their world, to meet their friends, neighbors, to have special time with each of them was such a gift to me.   I guess that is Alaskan hospitality.  What maybe normal to them was such an incredible experience for me and maybe that is how it goes, often our normal seem incredible to others.

I have a couple of pictures I want to share, I think I will start with this one, it takes me to Alaska’s clean fresh air.  The weather was in the 50-60-70 degree range.  This view is from their deck.  It is a reminder for me.   The mountains were awesome, as mountains are, but to watch these clouds would come down the valley.  That morning, they were movin’.  Sometimes in the evening if the conditions were right they would go back up the valley.   It was so peaceful to watch and a reminder to me in the whole scheme of things, I am just a spec.  Know what I mean?

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    Have you ever been to Alaska?

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