Portage Glacier, Alaska

Here is another Alaska moment, I am hanging on to those moments.  You can’t blame me, right?  A chilly moment after this summer?   One day Bryan, Mitzi, Elliott, Evan and I drove to Portage Glacier then we had lunch at Girdwood.

I am trying to remember how chilly I was that day.  You know that chilly that the wind runs down your back, through your hair, you keep your hands in your pockets even if your jacket is not that warm.  You know what I am talking about, your cheeks get rosy, but I was not going to complain, not for a moment.

I am hanging on to those moments and the chilly memories of being there.   The bonus of that trip happened in route to Portage Glacier.  We were at the right place at the right moment.   We watched Beluga Whales, yes Beluga Whales swimming in pods along the way.  I am telling you the truth, no picture to prove it, you will have to trust me on that moment.

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