A Real Outdoor Room

I have this Outdoor Room.  It is in the backyard, no walls just Nandina make the enclosure.   The Outdoor Room was once a one car garage built in the late 40’s when the cottage was built.  It had developed some major rot over the years and I decided one day (at a point of anger, but that is another story) to tear it down.  I did just that and carried all the debris to the street for pick-up.  I hesitated about tearing it down as it was there, it did provide some limited storage space, but it was dark, damp and really not functional.    I don’t remember how long it took me, but it was a major project.

Once cleared, the trees around the missing structure began to drape and the Nandina began to grow to form the most beautiful walls of protection or hide-away and the sky?  You guessed it….it is the ceiling.   But there is more, you have the sweetest sounds of the birds and even the frogs that sing their kind of song.  I mean, who could ask for more?   You like peace,  I got peace out there.

So dinner is ready and being served in the Outdoor Room.  It is a little warm right now, but there is a breeze, a cool breeze that is blowing my way.  It is called Fall and the Outdoor Room is open for dinner and visitors.


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