A Sky Moment in Gainesville

I have been working on a project in Gainesville, Florida over the last couple of weeks.  After work,  I get in this mode of leaving the office and barreling down to my hotel.  Last night I made one stop.  As I was leaving the store, heading to my car in my barreling down motion which means for me, my head is down, I’m focused on the next stop and usually moving swiftly.

For whatever reason I looked up and there was this sky.  It was magnificent and it seemed to change with every second.  Maybe I even missed the best part of this sky.  At that point, I slowed down and was taken by this pink, blue, purple, black, gray, white moment.

How many other moments did I miss yesterday?  How many?  I have tried to keep my head up today and as I leave the office shortly, I wonder if I will have a moment.  I will let you know.

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