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The mornings are getting a little chiller here, in  Tallahassee, Florida chilly is not that chilly, but as the fall approaches the pool takes on a new look.  I like it.  If I am in town,  at 7:00 am,  I will be here at the Trousdell City Swimming Pool in a Water Aerobic Class.   I really love this sport, well I should say I love what it has done for me.   Does water exercise work you ask?   Well you are asking the right person.  I don’t understand it all, but I know that the water reduces the weight-bearing stress on my joints so my shoulders, arms, legs especially with my knees get an incredible work-out.  The bonus is this kind of work-out has decreased the pain in my knees and I think I am lookin’ good!

There you have it folks, the bouncing, the hopping, the running, the skiing movement, the jumping is not just for kids, but it can be.

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    Laura Fortune said,

    I love that image! Keep up the good work in the pool!!

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