Change: A Shish-kabob Necklace

Julie, a friend of mine is in the process of developing a new kind of relationship with food.  Those aren’t Julie’s words, but mine.  As I hear her talk about this new journey, looking at food differently comes to my mind.  I want to encourage Julie in this process as I am on the same journey and have been all my life.  Julie had a birthday last month and as kind of a joke,  I created this necklace for her.

It is hard work to change, getting an awareness and then being persistent year after year.  Change is hard.  My brain could not get what I was asking my body to do.  I told someone the other day that I think my brain is finally getting it.  I hope so. Does that make sense to you?

Julie thought this plastic shish-kabob necklace was funny.  I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure how she would take it.  Julie took her pearls off and put it on.  Looking at food, other relationships, anything differently….is hard to do, but awesome.  Does that make sense? 

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