Susanne’s Garden Moments

Susanne’s Garden Moments Radio Show was cancelled last month.  That’s show biz!!  I loved having a radio show, it had its moments, meeting other fantastic people and hearing about their moments was very energizing for me and many listeners.  I gained a base of listeners in the 2 years that surprised me.  Thank you.  SGM’s Radio Show was not just about gardens, building relationships through our outdoor living, it was a connection of people, a collection of new friends and families who had an important story to tell.  I learned so much from the guests, the listeners and the adventures SGM provided, from St. Petersburg, FL, Breckenridge, CO, Rising Sun, IN, Sacramento, CA, Anchorage, AK and of course Tallahassee, FL area.  I love radio and  I’m already looking for new internet radio adventures and vendors.  Where do I go from here?  Advise, please.  What are your ideas and what is possible?  Please contact me.

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