Jamie’s Square Foot Garden

Love it!  After Jamie decided to do this, it did not take her long to jump into action.  Mel Bartholomew would have been pleased with her adapting his Square Foot Gardening approach into her back yard. It was fun to watch her, her vegetable selection for cool crop planting, serious about the grids, the perfect location for adequate sunlight.O


f course the exact mix of garden soil, compost and vermiculite, taking it by the book.

I left the planting party early, but Jamie had to feel the final sense of accomplishment.  She did it.

All good news, right?  Here’s what puts the adventure into gardening.  The anticipation of the outcome.  Temperatures dropped, Jamie covered those seedlings up, she did it correctly and now has to step back and let it happen. 

Gardening is a beautiful thing.  Please keep us posted Jamie.  Your fans are waiting to hear and to share your bounty.

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