’04 Mini Cooper – A Good Friend

Yesterday morning early, I knew I could wait no longer to get my Mini Cooper into the shop for some serious repair.  I called AAA, made arrangements and before traffic got too bad, the little car was headed out of my drive-way. 

I watched carefully the man’s actions as he went about his business hooking my car for the trip across town.  I couldn’t help it, I was realizing I have a real connection to this little car.  I have driven it nearly 150,000 miles with my job.  Truthfully I had over driven it, it needed service months ago, but when could I get it into the shop?  I just couldn’t find the time, I needed to get back on the road.

Crazy as I sounds, I now realized this little car had hung with me until I retired, then was saying, please help me.  Please service me!

I watched the tow truck’s flashing lights go on, I realized there was this nostalgia feeling coming over me.  This is my friend, we have been together on the road for all these miles.  We have a relationship, a history.  What made me wait so long?  I had to get a picture even though it was dark.

Later that afternoon I got the call.  Yikes!  How much?  Are you sure?  OK, let’s do it.  I still

love this little car.

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