What’s Wrong with this Picture?

This is my neighbor’s outside cat, Mr. Bojangles.  This is my front picture window.  He is inside, I’m outside.  Mr. Bojangles is watching me work in the front yard this morning.  I love this cat.  He is the best pet ever and perfect for me.  He comes to yard and home, I think because I feed him and he likes watching my birds.  He will meow at the back or front door, I let him in, give him special food, we snuggle if we feel like it and then he is ready to go back outside.  Typically his visit is a short one.  This morning, I had planned to work in the front gardens.  I told Mr. Bo I was going outside.  I asked him did he want to go outside with me.   Remember he is my neighbor’s outside cat.  He looked up at me in his sweetest meow and said, “No”. 


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    sheila365 said,

    funny! I love the bunch flowers in the window, too

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