Fortune House – Living Room

Who is to say that a Living Room has to remain a living room?  A living room should be alive with activity to be living.  Right?  This week 40+ high school students from Wildwood Church, Tallahassee, Florida came together for what they call Koinonia, means fellowship.  This group made my little cottage house come alive with talking together,  squeezing in the tight spaces, eating dinner, singing, laughing and of course sharing their faith.  It was amazing to watch and hear them.

Of course the simplicity of my little cottage space provided us the opportunity to rearrange the furniture and crank up the fellowship in this living Living Room.   This Living Room has been the sight of Friend and Family Gatherings but also for several Retreats, Board Meetings for profit and not-for-profit, Strategic Planning Meetings for Start-up Companies, Political and Mediation Sessions to name a few, but I have to hand it to this group this week.  This cottage Living Room came alive with a living sight and sound.

The Fortune House – Living Room is silent now.  It needs some activity, come on it is a Living Room.   Can the best ideas be generated in stuffy board rooms or worse stale hotels….no way,  but that is another conversation and for now I’m hanging on to the energy of our youth and living or re-living the experience of this week.   So live it up!!

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    debbie said,

    Had such a good time, suzanne! Thanks for your warm hospitality & for allowing to live out the church in your livingroom:) debbie

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