Meet Laura Fortune

Let’s pretend we are on live radio and I am (sort of) interviewing Laura Fortune. Laura moved to NY in 1999. Of course this is a special show as Laura is my youngest daughter who moved this week from Manhattan to Brooklyn in the Greenpoint area. This is Laura’s new back yard.  This is Laura holding a “weed wacker and tackling her urban jungle”.  Let’s hear it for her!

As I see it, over the last few years Laura has missed a green space, she now has it. I know she is excited about what is possible in this small outdoor area. Let’s keep this picture in mind, it’s going to change. Would you look at that sweet little walk-way, the birdbath, and some extending perennials that someone has planted?  Look at that little cottage in the back…that is hers too. Laura has visions of it being a possible studio at some point.  Great vision.

Time is up for this interview. I am so happy for you, Laura.  I love that you love gardening too, no matter how big or little it is, it is just a part of who we are. So good luck and have fun creating your new outdoor living area and please join us with an occasional update.

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