Look close – Mini is boarding the train!

I checked in the Mini Cooper at the train station in Sanford,  I took a few personal things with me and they drove my car on the Auto Train.  You have to look close, but you can see the silver little car being driven on the lower yellow ramp.  See it?  Sixteen train cars held 170 vehicles on the trip.  Since I was one of the first to check my car in, guess what?  I was one of the last to get it.  These cars were lined up for check-in.

The estimated travel time to Baltimore is 17 hours on the train, no stops.   The driving time from Tallahassee to Baltimore is 15.5 hours with stops.   Amtrak serves dinner and continental breakfast in the Dining Car which is included in the fare.  How cool is that?   I was really impressed with the comfort and service for me and the mini.

The estimated time of arrival is 9:30 am Saturday.  All aboard!

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