Water Aerobics — I Miss You!!

Sometimes we just have to stop and say how we really feel.   OK, in that case I miss my Water Aerobics Classes and the fine, fine men and women in those classes.  I miss the wonderful and dedicated leaders whose commitment goes way beyond the call of duty.

You know who you are.  You know how faithful you are to the improvement of your heart, soul and spirit.  Everyday being there building your muscles, adding flexibility to your joints, strengthening your body and mind and YES creating those sexy shoulders.

So let’s hear it for you! Let’s hear it for me who misses you!  Keep up the great work and know someone in Baltimore is thinking about Water Aerobics and her friends there.

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    Penny Young said,

    Good to hear from you. We miss you also.
    I liked all you told me in your last e-mail about your new “home” for the next three months. It’s safe, and pretty and comfortable. How about that lifeguard? He sounds like a definite asset to the place!
    Are there restaurants nearby that you can relate to?
    And, most important, are you making some of those people at the new job site smile more!



  2. 2

    Betty said,

    We, I, sure do miss you toooooo…You are the best and just a blessing to our classes…We all think of you everyday and wish you the very best in your exciting venture… See you back before we know it. ..Love, Betty :}

  3. 3

    Nan Currence said,

    We miss you, too. I’m so glad we have a way to keep in touch. Have you found a water aerobics class in Baltimore — at the Y or wherever?
    We will be returning to Trousdell on Monday — with Janet teaching MWF and Betty T and Th. I’ll be glad to be in the Trousdell pool so I can do pull-ups whenever the pool is set up for long course.

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    Paula Walborsky said,

    Susanne! It is wonderful to hear from you! We have left Levy and return tomorrow to Trousdell where we first met. We took your name in vain the other day. It was a community action thing that needed to be performed for the aerobics class, email the missing about the move, buy noodles and water buoys of our own, something like that and we agreed we needed you there to organize us. I did the email to the dear souls who disappear for a week or two and then reappear. They will not know about the move.

    I am trying acupuncture to help manage the pain from my arthritis. It was wonderful for about 24 hours after my first session. The acupuncturist said it might take several attempts to get longer relief. So I have a weekly appointment for the next three weeks. I will see what if anything improves.

    Tell me about the company you are facilitating. How many people? What is your day like?

    I am working on my guns, but am a very long way from being a threat.

    Bests, Paula

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    carol arroyo said,

    Susanne, I can’t find your email address. Gmail will not send without it.
    Go figure. Carol

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