Beautiful Baltimore

October 29, 2012 – 6:30 am. Good morning, Hurricane Sandy is definitely on her way, 30-45 mph winds expected by 8:00 am this morning then will increase through tomorrow evening up to 60 mph. I have never been this close to this kind of hurricane or storm.
I feel as safe as I can feel in my little apartment, a solid brick building, on the second floor, built at the top of a hill so safe from the flood waters is what my neighbor said to be encouraging. From my bedroom window, I can see I-83 South traffic, which is a direct route to downtown Baltimore, very few people are out this morning. Governor O’Malley made the announcement to stay home. I am doing just that.
Yesterday I went over my checklist to be prepared as I can be, with flashlights, batteries, gas tank is on full, drinking water, oil lamp with extra oil, candles, cell phone and computer charged, a generator for my cell phone, food prepared, cooler, ice, headset for my cell phone for radio advice, made arrangements to provide shelter for my car for the rest of my winter stay, games and books on hand. What else? Extensive power outages are predicted, Sandy is expected to bring 8-9 inches of rain on an already water saturated earth; I will do the best I can do. Any advice?
Baltimore is a beautiful city, a strong city with such an incredible history. I call it the heartbeat of America, its heart has to be beating rapidly this morning.

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    mica copeland said,

    How is your wine supply!??! LOL Thinking of you so much and praying for your and everyone’s safety.. If you get skeered, give us a call!! Love ya, Mica and Lanny

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    sheila365 said,

    please keep us updated. When I was a kid, living in New Orleans for Hurricane Camille and a few others… we learned to fill our bathtubs with water. If the water is cut off due to flooding you can use a bucket of that to flush the WC, as well as another source of potable water…
    take care!

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