Hurricane Sandy Up Close.

Do you know that I have never been in direct line of a hurricane?  I can check this off my bucket list now.  I have my bathtub filled with water, a good suggestion from Sheila and Mica encouraged me to have wine!!!  Thanks.

It is my bedroom windows that worry me the most right now.  They face the north.  Any suggestions in the event that one breaks?  That’s where duct tape comes in handy.  Right?

Remember I-83 from this morning’s report…there is only an occassional vehicle out there now, I guess that is a good thing.   We are experiencing heavy rains, 1 inch an hour expected up to 8 inches at least and of course the whistling and roaring winds.  YIKES.

Governor O’Malley reported just an hour ago, “if everyone acts and takes responsiblity, in reference to the fact of staying at home or in a safe place, fewer people will die.”  Honestly, he said that.  Baltimore is in the middle of these two storms, a hurricane coming at us from the east, blizzard conditions and temps coming at us from the west, then the Chesapeake Bay stressed from the ocean surges and floods.

On a lighter side, I feel pretty safe and this picture makes me smile.  It was taken at Cafe Hon, a restaurant here in Baltimore where Laura and I had dinner a couple of months ago.   Funny, huh?

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    sheila365 said,

    We’ll be following the storm with you, susanne. Hang in there. If I have the latest info correct, it’s currently a category 1, and it is going to hit landfall north of you (baltimore?), Which means the worst part of the storm (the NE quadrant) will be farthest from you, if that’s any consolatin. It will hopefully blow over soon with a minimum of damage. Keeping our fingers crossed for you and all the other folks on the east coast.

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    Thanks for the info and the call.

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