Theory + Common Sense with Crows…

This picture was taken yesterday evening from our office parking lot as I was leaving work. Our office building is next to an old monastery which is now converted into a long-term care facility. Check out the crows in the top of the trees.
This is just one view, there seem to be hundreds of crows in the parking lot, on the street and sidewalks, down the street, across the street, this is just a glimpse.
Does anyone have a theory about this phenomenon? I heard a couple, i.e. climate is changing, stories about birds of pray, I mean birds of prey…
There is so much information about everything and everyone has an opinion, but these crows have clearly identified a comfortable community in our office neighborhood.
They say a little information is dangerous, I agree. Now I am headed to get my car washed!!

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  1. 1

    Paula Walborsky said,

    Is there a lot to crow about in your neighborhood?

  2. 2

    Paula Walborsky said,

    Oh, and a gathering of crows is sometimes called a “murder of crows”.

  3. 3

    Perfect comments. In reflection and for whatever reason that post seemed kind of depressing. Preception is everything, right?

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