Good Morning!

I love mornings wherever I am; I guess it is my style. I wake up early make my coffee and I sit here and wake up. I don’t want to forget this, but how can I? I am in Baltimore and my life is different here, I mean I am the same, but there are little distractions and it is quite still especially on the weekends. Oh I go out a lot; I am around people, but still very still. Honestly, I like it, I like seeing the city and countryside, I like observing and listening to other’s conversations. Paying attention can be fun and funny at times.
Anyway, here is my morning place. I have a similar morning place in Tallahassee, but here I can really feel the quietness and that is important for me to remember. Being busy all the time is not healthy for me, busy-ness is exhausting.
I have my coffee here, I lite my crackling candle, my Hurricane Sandy Lamp, watch the sunrise from my outdoor view and wake up to other sweet reminders of life. It is peaceful as my life has not always been so silent.
Anyway, here is my morning place. I almost always read a little OT, a little NT, a Psalm, a Proverb and journal a little. It just keeps me focused and gives me focus.
It is here each morning I think (and pray) for my family, friends and my day, not in a “Dear God” sort of way, more like “YIKES!” kind of way. It is good I think, make sense?

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