West-word to Leesburg, Virginia


Just a word or two about my day. I’m going to take a trip to see my family, Patricia, Floh and family who live in Leesburg, Virginia. The bonus is Gene and Jo Copeland from Breckenridge, CO are there visiting so I am getting the whole package. I think the Navigator tool is awesome, but there is something about a good old fashion map. I like a bird’s eye view as they say to see what is around me. I’ll go north to Frederick, then south to Leesburg, 1 1/2 hours away, should be a beautiful drive on Hwy 15. Something about family time, I find it takes some maturity, introspection, willingness to listen and a desire to seek their wisdom. I can learn so much about me through their words and love. It is another kind of map for me, I guess. I never thought about it that way, a bird’s eye view in kind of a map of life. I wonder if they think the same about me?

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