In a New York Christmas Moment

Laura made room for her Christmas Tree 2012. Sweet, huh? She called me. She was telling me how she pulled out the ornaments from the past, hung them up and I got to hear the stories of each. It was sweet to hear about her memories and we laughed. Later that evening she texted me, “I love the sound of a rotating Christmas tree ornament.”

The mind is a wonderful thing. I loved hearing about her tree and the ornaments, about the freshness of the tree smell filling up her room and her roommate’s dog enjoying the excitement. Of course, I loved the phone call getting to participate as Laura shared her moments.

Laura and I had some pre-Christmas moments together getting the house ready before Jamie and Peter came home from college for the holidays. Those were the days as they say….. those were the days.

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    sheila365 said,

    Perfect tree. Merry christmas to both you and laura!

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