Slap on a Little Lipstick!

Slap on a Little Lipstick!

A couple of years ago, Laura sent me this card. It is so me!! The lipstick, the glasses, even the words have Susanne Fortune written all over it. I guess at that time I was going through some-thing, but guess what? I am always going through some-thing. You too?

She didn’t put a date on this card, but in her note she wrote “…with all that has been on your mind….just remember that ‘you’ll be fine’.” It is a keeper.

PS. This card did come from Trader Joe’s so if you are in there and see this card, pick me up a box or two. OK?

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    Paula Walborsky said,

    She does look a bit like you! And isn’t it amazing what a little lipstick can do? I was lamenting to a friend how awful I looked. She, being straight forward and not one to suffer fools for so much as a nanosecond, said, oh, for pete’s sake, Paula, put on some make-up. And I did. And she was right. I have no idea why I thought that now that I was retired I would not need makeup. Seriously? What was I thinking!

    Your daughter is a keeper.

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