Merry Christmas Cookies

Merry Christmas Cookies

Yesterday we made cookies, cut cookies, baked cookies, put icing on cookies, sprinkled cookies and ate cookies. Each of us are over-achievers and went over-board in the estimate of the outcome of this cookie making holiday event. But we were NOT going to stop until we had completed what we started out to do. We were on the ROLL, get it?

In fact it seemed like we made thousands of cookies, as we finished around midnight. Can you believe it? Two mothers, three daughters and zillions of sugar cookies, gingersnaps, pretzels and chocolate delights later we were all gitty.

Sugar was everywhere, we made them at Nina’s house, Jamie and I helped clean up, but walked away with a few, the fun was in the making, the laughing about ourselves in the fact that we did not leave one single cookie without icing and decoration.

What a day. What a night. What a Christmas blast, now let the Merry Christmas neighborhood distribution begin. Want a cookie? Call me for good cookie!!

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  1. 1

    sheila365 said,

    Oh MY! that’s a boatload of cookies! 😀 sounds like you had lots of fun.

  2. 2

    Paula Walborsky said,

    I used to make sort of Picasso-esque gingerpersons that had harlequin clothes or nipples and pubic hair. Soft porn gingerbread. I never got into distribution… . P

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