Christmas Turkey (plural)

Christmas Turkey (plural)

What a fun Christmas Day. This picture may not reflect my joy, but we had an awesome Christmas here at 1306. My family, Sheila and Monte Copeland, live in Austin, Texas. They are the most creative cooks and grill the best food. I have made several attempts to grill a turkey. Yesterday I out did myself and the outcome was the very best ever. Hurrah!

And isn’t the apron cute? Oh yeah, I am a package!!

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    Paula Walborsky said,

    and grilled turkey is so healthy! Oh, I love turkey. Bring it! And yes, you are the whole package indeed. But it is the apron/jeans combo that really sings to me. P

  2. 3

    Betty said,

    Wow, are you skinny!!!! A beautiful tall string bean!! A happy one I hope.
    This is a compliment!!!! You know…?! You are doing things right. You look wonderful… Betty

    • 4

      That was so meaningful comment. You know I am trying to be like YOU. I love being back in your class. I can already tell a difference in my knees and whole body. Thanks for being such a great coach. Read today’s post please!!

  3. 5

    sheila365 said,

    gobble gobble! that bird looks delicious!! well done

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