Ruffled Annual Report and Apron

Ruffled Annual Report and Apron

Tallahassee, Florida. Yes, indeed it has been great to be home. I have been thinking about doing an Annual Report, and then Word Press gave me one, said I had posted 117 posts. Thanks Word Press. That was nice, but I was thinking more in reflection of 2012, even forward thinking into 2013, but I’ll leave at that.

This morning I got choked up telling my swimming coach goodbye for now. I seem to stay in transition, I try to stay open to new possibilities and opportunities, even though sometimes it is risky, I gotta’ say I like challenges. I know being challenged is what motivates me, but then that is always what brings on the transition and even anxiety. Trying to keep life alive, a little taste of gusto, then followed up with a YIKES…my circle of life!!

I am so thankful for 2012 and the events that happened. I’m so thankful that I am loved and never alone. So thankful that I get choked up once in a while because of my heart, that I care and others care for me. So thankful that my Maker has a bigger plan for me and is in control of my life. OK, maybe that is my Annual Report.

So what is the cute little Ruffled Apron all about? I know it is so precious. It is just something I whipped up over New Year’s Day.

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  1. 1

    sheila365 said,

    Susanne, you are loved. And so is your apron. 🙂

    Keep on keepin it real. Have a good trip back to MD, and hope to see you soon.

  2. 2

    Denise said,

    Love, love, love your apron. And, the glimpse into your new year (and also the glimpse into your dining room!)

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