A Simple Reminder!

A Simple Reminder!

I love this front yard even though there is not much blooming there now, only the faithful camellias, a few rose pedals and some red nandina berries for the birds, it is still beautiful. The winter green is pale, but that is OK, its winter and it is taking a break from being lush.

I love these vintage bouncy chairs too. They use to be white, and then I painted them about a year ago. Even if it is winter some added color brings life to the gardens. Believe me, there are more vintage items in the gardens that have been enhanced by a simple can of spray paint.

This site is a simple reminder to me of what I love, creating inviting spaces that draw us together. This picture makes me want to sit down with you and visit. Honestly, I don’t sit down and visit often but the idea is there and that counts for something, right? It is the pleasure of the site or sight, however you see it.

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    Paula Walborsky said,

    And I love the pots of flowers in the birdbath. P

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