Stay In (Your) Lane – Edition #2

Stay In (Your) Lane - Edition #2

For some reason I could ‘not stay in my lane’ this week, remember this has nothing to do about my driving in traffic. It has everything to do with human interaction, insight and perception. Also throw in some innovation (I think) and a couple of proposals and waa-laa.
Perception is everything and my intent might be right on, even my heart might be in the right place, as I perceive it, but the outcome makes a sudden turn as in STOP.
I have heard that communication is not what you say, but what others hear you say. So my passion is good, but can be perceived differently than my intent, then so is the outcome.
Message to self (again), hang in there Susanne, keep trying and keep paying attention to yourself, timing is everything. OK?

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    Paula Walborsky said,

    I wonder: communication is not what you say but what others hear you say. So communication is all about the receptor? isn’t that just “hearing” and not two-way communication? I think the receptor has some responsibility in this communication reciprocity deal to put the speaker in the fairest context. Both ends of the tin cans and string need to be straining to get it right. In all things, I love reciprocity. P

  2. 2

    Of course you do, but perhaps the best benefit comes when both the receptor and the speaker is in the game. Are the actions and the words lining up? Is this the appropriate time? Checking my tone in my voice? Is my passion coming across as control? Oh my, I can over think things, but you know I do love my passion and oh I love my ideas!! Thanks for the exchange.

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    Paula Walborsky said,

    Passion is so often misunderstood. I think it is rare and so not easily recognized. I admire passion.

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