Baltimore – First Snow Storm

Baltimore - First Snow Storm

On Friday, we closed the office at 4:00 pm, snow had started to fall, temps had been in the teens and twenty’s all week, the weather was predicted to get bad and the schools had closed early. I did not argue with anyone, I was headed home.
I’m standing at my bedroom window, looking between the carports, watching the headlights on I-83 packed with cars going both N and S, I was glad I came on home. I know I am a sissy. Funny, but not funny as people at the office said, “everyone will stop by the grocery and load up on milk, bread and water…those shelves will be emptied out.” I didn’t stop.
Temps are still low, we did get snow, but the cold and blustery winds do take me back to my Indiana and Ohio blizzard days.
It is always interesting to me about memories, they don’t go away. I am collecting more memories here in Baltimore and tucking them away in my warm winter coat.

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