I suppose Lauraville is another neighborhood in Baltimore established in 1851. I spotted this neighborhood entrance on Wednesday, I got the shot in the rain with only two honks from other traffic members wanting me to MOVE. I’m going to Lauraville in NYC today, I’m traveling to NYC to see the real Laura, my daughter who grew up in my neighborhood, I can’t wait. I promise to send you a picture.

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    Cynthia Burton said,

    Glorious Morning, My Friend!!

    We are safely home from Colorado! Remind me NOT to schedule stuff immediately upon arrival from a vacation. 😉 The past two days have been non-stop meetings and responsibilities when all I have felt like doing is puttering very slowly around our home. 😉

    ENJOY your girl…and do send a picture. I LOVED your pics of Baltimore. What an impressive city.

    Where you able to get to NYC? A Wildwood member is stuck there until 4 this afternoon. She had hoped to return home yesterday and couldn’t fly out.

    love much

  2. 3

    Laura Fortune said,

    That is so cool. See ya soon Mama!!

  3. 5

    sheila365 said,

    I wanna visit lauraville! On my way to monte ville. Have fun!!

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