Ice Fishing


Look close to see these three ice fishing on Lake Tarn yesterday.  It is not a prize winning zoomed photo about a half a mile from the house window, but these three were on the lake all day.  They noric snowskied out pulling their gear on sleds.  All day they fished.  At one point they relocated to another spot, pulled out their augers to dig new holes and extended their allowed two lines.  They must have had some good luck, I know I did.

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    Cynthia Burton said,

    Morning, My Snow-Surrounded Friend – ahhh, is this that lake very near Breckenridge or nearer Georgetown? I have seen fishermen on both and wondered how Ice Fishing differs from good ole-in-the-boat-on-a-warm-day-in- sunny-Florida it is. 😉

    SOOOO, you Ice Fished AND were successful yesterday? 😉 😉

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