Live Oak Tree


Tallahassee is full of oak trees.  I saw this one yesterday, it is huge and probably about the same age of the tree I lost in my back yard in March. The difference is my tree was crowded in a tighter space. 
When I look at this tree, it stands alone.  This aged oak has taken advantage of the sun and sky, all spread out.  Its low enormous branches almost touch the ground, but screams take it easy on me, I’m old!  It is covered with moss standing so stately it has no limitations to where it can grow or does it?  It is growing old too.
I’m feeling this tree.

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    Cynthia Burton said,

    Morning, Susanne!!

    Where is this tree? Absolutely gorgeous…amazing what sun, depth of soil and room to grow does for a tree. I feel certain there are spiritual applications here. 😉 😉

    So, enjoyed our Coffee Break on Thursday. HUGS…

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