FSU Film School – Take Two


This is Kyle, it is around noon, 90 degrees, assistant director of lighting, on a ladder, in a constructed black tent to create darkness on set in the dining room.  Kyle is outside the dining room window, there to create darkness AND a flash of lightening at just the right time.  Kyle’s sit-up is in a bed of hydrangeas and being very sensitive to my landscape.  Thank you Kyle. 
What a long day, 6:00 am – 8:00 pm, the heart and passion film makers have for their love of the craft.  Kyle loves giffing, I think that is what he called it.  It is everything about the electrical environment of preparation and film making, lighting, etc.
What a pleasure to meet these gifted and talented young people.

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    Cynthia Burton said,

    So, My Friend, how DID you meet them? 😉 😉

    And, are they finished? Chuckle!

    HUGS for you for coming alongside the next generation of Steven Speilbergs….OK, spell check does not like my version of his name, but is offering nothing to re-place it. 😉 😉

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