Please forgive me for starring.  My friend Paula grows this most magnificent flower and I can’t get it off my mind.  I loved going to her home, being in her garden, smelling the fragrances, hearing these scientific names, learning.  Thunbergia was a fav.  Oh my….you have to see this trumpet-like flower, the vivid colors, the perfection of the show of beauty.
The yellow is at the base of the trumpet and I swear the yellow lights up! 

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    Cynthia said,

    Hey…I keep meaning to ask in a text if you receive my replies to your posts? Hope so. In my office…doors open, listening to the tiny birds sing their melodic praise to The LORD while awakening the rest of his creation! Beautiful..,

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      Yes, I get your Reply. Honestly I am trying to figure out if you see my Reply to you. You just answered my question, now I need to try another route!! Please learn with me.

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    Paula Walborsky said,

    I embed teeny tiny little lights in each bloom. [Not.]

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