I’m A Project Manager


I’m a mediator, team builder, strategic conversationalist, leadership developer, a generator of growth, conflict coach, peacemaker, creator of trust, process designer, change manager, organizational developer, dialogue facilitator, inspire the spirit of people, address issues of the heart.  I’m a project manager/worker.

This two month project is coming to an end, evidence-based.   I typically work with people to get the job done!!  In this case trees, plants, the environment with the same above skills and hard work.

Guess what?  I’m glad and ready to move to my next project.  I started to say, call me for a good time.  Well that too, but call me if you have a project and people within who need a project manager/worker to help get the job done.  Let’s talk.

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  1. 1

    Cynthia Burton said,

    Your back yard makes me…smile!

  2. 4

    Paula Walborsky said,

    And you are also a person who extends kindness to strangers, has an individual aesthetic and an insightful friend. And your garden totally rocks! P

  3. 5

    Paula Walborsky said,

    Oh, forgot to say: for the first time I used the wonderful garden gloves that you gave me. Best ever. Sincerely. I love them. And the plumbago is no longer a threat to small children and threatening to take over the neighborhood. Whew. Thank you! P

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