Today I’m in My Office


Yesterday I started a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Maybe that is what put me over the edge to start seriously thinking about my next contract job.  All I know is today I’m in my office working, trying to be patient with myself in the effort to seek employment, short term contract and stay away from the puzzle table.
I am fascinated with these puzzles. I’m   not good, really lousy at it if I’m honest with myself.  Last summer I watched Denise’s process of sorting all the colors, all the edge pieces, strategically aligning her method, then working her process.  She is good.
I think I am good at what I do too.  My work is a process too.  It is a people process, the human dynamics of getting the job done while working and living with others. 
My work is typically always around change and dealing with other people. Everyone needs alittle coaching from time to time, learning new moves as we engage with people, moving toward them vs. avoiding them AND paying attention to our own behavior.
Anyone have conflict in your life, home or work?  We all have it, I am positive about  that.  Need a coach?  Am I the only one puzzled here?
Get it?  Puzzled?  Any thoughts about what I said?

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