Susanne’s Garden Moments – NOT


I use to have a radio show.  Yeah, can you believe it?  You are right, it was Susanne’s Garden Moments.  I loved that chapter, the show was about my garden, of course about Susanne and about my moments.  The real thread was about the relationships I had with people in my garden and in theirs. 

Recently I took a job with the City of Tallahassee teaching Water Aerobics.  We build muscle mass and strength our endurance by swimming and moving in the water using the water as our weights. 

A new chapter for me, a new kind of creativity, energy, a new feeling of being alive and fit.  And I’m having some new moments.  The real thread again is about the relationships, getting to know people with a common interest and passion. 

No radio show, but I’m feeling inspired.

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    Betty said,

    Ahhhhh, so beautiful. I miss you all more than you can know. Betty

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