I Love Winter Gardening


This week I have had some unexpected time so my heart has taken me to the soil to do some winter gardening.  I love the soil, to dig, to trim, to pull weeds, to  garden is in my blood.  Winter gardening is perfect to do the above and my heart needed some thinking time.

I have this young Lauren Tudor Camellia Tree smiling at me in the area I am working.  She is like a fresh bouquet sitting right in the middle of my studio.

If you garden or create in one venue or another, you will understand that once I got started my mind and heart took me places I never expected.  Now three days into this (hard work) project I’m so entergized by a couple of ideas and outcomes. These are not new ideas but they have surfaced again and the timing seems perfect.  Stay tune!

That is the beauty of HEART work, it doesn’t even feel like work.  Do you get me?  Are you still reading?

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