Gardening = Life


I could have waited to post this garden once it was all cleaned up, but no I have to just put it out there.  It is a mess, so am I.  Honestly I like this part of gardening.  I like the cleaning up, the digging and pulling overgrown plants, weeds and pitching them out.  For the summer I planted sunflowers in the entire garden with a few zinnas and cosmos.  I loved all the bouquets this garden provided me and others over the summer.


The bees and butterflies loved this garden too.  Fall is around the corner so I’m out here making a mess and doing what I love to do, but I needed a quick rest.  Ok, back to the garden and life.  Both have provided me many lessons.  I’m thankful.  The lesson today is I’m planting Larkspur, California Poppies and Nasturtiums for the fall and taking a chance with life and on and on.

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