Post Hurricane Hermine

You are looking at my street this week a couple houses down from my home.  This is not an isolated site, more the norm for Tallahassee, Florida since this past Thursday’s Hurricane.  Over 80% homes in the city lost power and this morning the count was down to 27k. is doing a great job trying to restore power as their first priority.  

You can’t please everyone in a crisis such as this, but the mayor communicates at least twice a day through social media FB.  You can like his FB page and get updates. Andrew Gillum is his name, I’m impressed.

For now I have power restored, Jamie does too, I have my own crisis in the backyard.  #1 my neighbor’s huge pine tree landed on my Outdoor Room.  It’s a crush, but it not my house.  We can assume 80% of front and/or backyards in Tallahassee have some kind of tree crisis like mine.  It will take major time and effort to get this place clean up.  I’m the mayor of my property, I think I can do this (again).

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