A Glimpse – 1st Day in Lisbon

A lovely walk to and around the Jardim Botanico d’Ajuda was awesome. It was good to walk and to see what’s blooming in Lisbon, cost €2. Remember Lisbon is built on 7 hills so everything is a view!! Laura is standing on what appears flat, but don’t assume. We would stop, sit on a bench, laugh, care, talk and catch up a bit on our lives while smelling fragrances of the garden and being together.

No, this is not a sketch of mine, but a better understanding of why an urban illustrator (Laura) would love Lisbon. This is also a memory of my first day drinking too much real caffeinated expresso! An inside joke but Laura put an limit on my espresso after that.

This is the area of Graca which will end up being a favorite spot and memory of mine to sit on one of these benches. I’ll watch people and sketch. I started sketching in Lisbon. Today Laura had some work to do and she told me to go explore Alfama. I did.

The Panteao Nacional was once the Church of Santa Engracia in the 17th-century. In the 20th-century it was converted. It’s now a monument to honor 🇵🇹 Portuguese important personalities. This momument is across the street from Laura’s apartment. We will wait until Jamie arrives to tour and climb to the top. For now we walk by everyday, twice a day, three times or more.

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  1. 1

    sheila365 said,

    Keep em coming! 🙂

  2. 2

    😍😍😍. Helps me to relive it, like our sailing trip, a life changing experience. Came home so I can go back or go someplace else!

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