Taking in Lisbon

I’ve noticed about myself that when I’m visiting someone or someplace, I’m trying my hardest to take it all in, to experience it all. I’m listening hard, trying to remember it all, it’s crazy to think I can do that. Guess what? It’s impossible! I laugh at myself as I write this so bear with me! Life is a package and trips teach me more about myself plus the places I’m visiting.

Lisbon has a lot to take in. I think this is one of Laura’s favorite view points. The roof tops, the water view, the bridge, the blue sky and the colors of course. This is Sophia de Mello Breyner scenic view, emphasis on scenic. (Don’t worry Jamie we will come back here.)

Some sights I don’t want to forget from that day.

The narrow streets, sidewalks, fast cars and cafes all in the same place.

In the Graca area sitting on one of those favorite benches, this is the first tile building I sketched. I tried not to hurry. Would you look at that sky, no filter but it enhanced the blue in the tile.

Many century-old trees, this cedar has been creatively preserved by mankind. Refreshing.

There’s more I’m still taking it in, but I’ll leave it there.

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    Paula Walborsky said,

    What a fabulous trip and vivid memories. I am so happy for you, Sus.

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