Road Trip – northern bound

Laura rented a car, she carried our bags down the tiled street to the Eurocar business. Get in the car momma we are going on a road trip. With goggle maps in her hand, she had a plan we were off.

This day Momma (me) had to really be careful, Laura was in driving-concentration mode. You have to concentrate while driving in Europe. I wanted to help, do something, but I learned not quick enough to be quiet. Not to make nervous noises, no yikes sounds, no gripping the door handle noises…nothing.

If you have driven in Europe you know the fast scene. Laura was driving, reading google maps, shifting gears, calulating distances into miles and going nearly 100 mph. Enough said, zip it.

Obidos as our first stop to see this 14th-century old town within castellated walls. The whitewashed houses and buildings are trimmed in blue or yellow. Beautiful. A walk around, have some coffee (expresso) and a pasteis de nate. Yummy.

http://www.pasteisdenate or http://www.portugesecustard

Next stop the coastal town of Figureira da Foz to have lunch, go for a walk on the beach and downtown to see gardens, a cathedral and garden courtyard. A sweet walk and beautiful old tiles.

Can I just say Laura was amazing. She drove us up into the mountains to an Air b&b in the small farm village of Madeira de Cambra. We had an over the top host name Luis.

First day road trip was…fabulous and Laura you are REALLY over the top.

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    Barbara Douds said,

    How fun traveling through Portugal with you this morning, the gardens the architecture are all so beautiful.

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